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Workshop, Rope || Shibari, aka Japanese Rope Bondage || The Glitter un-Dojo || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Berlin || Thursday 29.Jun.2023 20-22h (regular), and Sun. 25.Jun 15-18h (extended/lab), sometimes with elements of suspension or semi-suspension, depending on who shows up and wishes in the room.

André Alves Performance

(beginner to intermediate, for advanced topics consider private coaching) This hands-on workshop or series of workshops will provide you with knowledge to do and improve practical...(cont.)

June 2023

01-04.Jun.2023 || a collaboration || Film || (IN)securely attached || Porn Film Festival Athens || Ann Antidote Marielle Gerke || Athens || Prometeus Shorts

Oliver Stein Shooting with Marielle and OliverBindungswunden und Entwicklungskrisen or (IN)securely attached. Concept and direction by Marielle Gerke with video by Dan Farberoff, photos by Oliver Stein.

More: (IN)securely attached

(In) securely attached The word trauma comes from the Greek and means “wound”. In a psychological context trauma describes a strong shock for the soul. It can be caused throug...(cont.)

July 2023

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