Rope || Bondage private sessions || The Glitter un-Dojo || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Berlin

Experiencing bondage (All genders and bodies) in safety and with very experienced riggers. Thought as a 1-1 experience, but also possible to bring a second person. I have been offering shibari as private session (experiencing rope), in Berlin and beyond, to people wanting to be tied by me. I have not only a lot of experience in tying, I also have been tied up a lot, and in case you haven't checked my age yet, I have a lot of life experience too, including about human beings and that funny thing, life, doing all sorts of things, expected and unexpected. These sessions are based on explicit consent, and what happens and what type of space to create, is negotiated including its implementation and fall-back solutions. In these sessions I feel responsible for safety, for setting up and holding space, the rhythm and tonal composition of the content, and wrapping it up. I am prepared and curious to listen to your own view and idea of what a session could be. I can safely say that I never gave anybody else I did rope with neither nerve damage, nor a lesion. I have tied, including learning specifically to tie according to specific needs, a lot of (adult) ages, body sizes, body types (including different aspects of disability), different genders, etc. If you worry that a certain condition or disability might block a session, let's first talk and see what the possibilities are. If you are on a wheelchair, I try to regularly maintain a list of accessible spaces I have worked with in the past or have been recommended to me. People search the experienced of a shibari session with an experienced professional for the more varied reasons, which can go from experiencing an intense and safeR BDSM experience, simply release steam to calm down, to look pretty, to research own limits, as emotional regulation, to relive past experiences of all shapes and hair-styles, or as a stim. The last one, bondage for stimming, has been gaining popularity and it is something I have been researching in a dedicated and enthusiastic way. While I am very familiar and have dedicated a lot of my personal resources and education to topics like trauma, mental health, etc. I am categorically not qualified nor willing to listen to topics that should be dealt with a therapist or a confidence person. I will hold space for a session as an experience safe for both of us, also including making time beyond what was booked and providing food/water if somebody collapses emotionally, but it will stop there. If you think you need to tell me something difficult from your story, please don't. Or really ask me first if I want to hear/read, and use content warnings generously. If you are interested, all other topics we can discuss in private communication, including you letting me know how you found me and what are your needs and motivations, and in the end we both checking if we are a team or not. Usual rates apply, and there are sliding scales and non-financial exchanges that sometimes can be possible. This is a solidarity concept which is for all of us, including myself, so please use it in a spirit of mutual solidarity and not a ticket to ride.