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For learning bondage. 1 to 2 persons (one thought being the model, but you can make the arrangements you want). All levels. My approach to teaching is that you are the specialist of your needs and goals, of your body and your learning style (there are indeed many different learning styles), and people come up with at least as many different goals in learning shibari as private lessons I gave. In that spirit of diversity celebrating, I can be your companion on the way to your defined goals (and probably a lot of beautiful serendipity on the sides) with my knowledge, my problem-solving, my experience and my creativity. Safety and consent come first, as well addressing the needs we, humans with all our human condition and entanglements (pun intended), bring into the room. If you need a specific topic or objective, it is better if you describe it to me well in advance so I can prepare it , including variations of situations and contexts. Standard rates apply (ask me), and there will be a reduction if one books me during the week before 18h (I am a freelancer, but I try to have time to spend with my friends who aren't). I will also offer a significant reduction if you book a package of lessons. The minimum booking time is two hours, as I need to know you. get an idea of what you know or not, risk assessment, and finding out the communication style that particularly works for you and me. Write me on: studiesforthunder [arroba] gmail [point] com