24.Sep.2011 || Save the Place || Queer Fem Network meeting || Ann Antidote Lun Ário Ola Marty || St. Pölten, Austria

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Manifest and Background: In St. Pölten, Austria, at the Queer Feminist Network meeting, a workshop on DIY film making by Ola Marty took place. The first result was, after 4 people came together (Ola, Iwan, Antidote and Lun Ário) a first short film "Save the Place", after less than 4 hours. In a second phase, with more time, Ann Antidote and Lun Ário worked on a remake where both “Save the Place, the timeless release” sepia and technicolor versions saw the light of the day, where images of a second camera were used, a mute film structure was adopted, a more careful post production took place and new storyline elements were integrated. Synopsis: A real-estate agent visits the LAMES premises in St Pölten, where a queer meeting is taking place. She looks forward to accomplish her dreams of intense real-estate development of the area. But not everybody shares her dreams... This film is purely fictional and intended as comedy and although we fight gentrification and mainstream pressure, we don't condone violence against realestate agents.