16.Oct.2012 || Shibari, aka Japanese Rope Bondage || Reality Show || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Leipzig

(beginner to intermediate, for advanced topics consider private coaching) This hands-on workshop or series of workshops will provide you with knowledge to do and improve practical bondage (shibari), regardless if you are just beginning or experienced. Safety, lots of technique, tricks, mindsets, improvisation tools, aesthetics. With a friendly, non-hierarchical approach, the scope and rhythm of the workshop are adapted to meet the needs and speed of the group. Different levels of knowledge are assessed beforehand and both the content of the workshop and the input given is prepared and adapted to different participant’s needs. The exercises are always carefully adapted to all bodies and mobility/possibilities (or lack thereof) and general health and comfort needs of the participants. This is a non-normative project and space, body-positive, actively including diversity, the needs of groups usually disregarded and not based on efficiency, profit or competition. Therefore: respect diversity of lives, bodies, expressions, sensitivities, neurotypes: no racism, no homo/transphobia, no fatphobia, no sexism, ageism, ableism, no discriminatory, oppressive or annoying isms, no bullshit! Let's all be aware of the space we take (or need). Content is prepared before hand but also adjusted and decided with everybody participating. Needs and wishes will be considered (needs will be accommodated, not all wishes will be necessarily granted, but we will try). Every person gets detailed and tailored exercises and support, eventually additional content. Basics - for people without any previous knowledge. Next Level - for everybody with any previous knowledge. Extended - - for everybody with some previous knowledge, a lot of rope lengths. Testlab/Jam - it is a rope jam, no teaching (but I will answer one or two questions if you get stuck). For details about a specific event, write us or the organizer. There is a limited amount of rope to lend: you can also bring/buy your own. Bring comfortable clothes, something to drink, and something to practice on (e.g. pillow, blanket, yoga mat) if you have it.