Lo-Fi Cherry

In their words: Lo-Fi Cherry

Situated in Berlin since 2012, Lo-Fi Cherry produces videos and workshops mainly focusing on feminist tentacle porn (feministtentacles). An examination and play with different approaches to the Japanese bondage porn genre. Her label Lo-Fi Cherry Porno Pics combines queer-feminist ideas and DIY-activism, but she is not afraid to borrow storytelling and aesthetics from mainstream productions. As a performer she has performed in films by Bruce La Bruce, Shu-Lea Cheang and Erika Lust. In 2021 she turned her DIY- theories inward to the local community of independent producers, aiming to set up a structure for management and care of the talented amateurs and semi-professionals working with sexual content creation in Berlin. The project is named Broken House and contains a series of community meet-ups and a quarterly released zine voicing the current topics from the scene. Regardless if it is in the shape of a workshop, a video, a printed zine or an event - Lo-Fi Cherry's work aims to be educational and to inspire people to think outside the box, following the Lo-Fi Cherry Porno Pics’ slogan: The art to the porn to the people

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