Genesis Victoria

In their words: Genesis Victoria

Non-binary latinx artist and researcher. Santiago, Chile (1989). Based in Berlin. Their artwork involves sound art and performance art as an interdisciplinary practice. From diverse ways of experimentation, they explore the artistic possibilities of embodiments in the aesthetic flux. In real-time compositions, GĂ©nesis creates atmospheres overlapping senses, sound and materialities. Thus, they seek to interfere with visual hierarchy and achieve different forms of sound knowledge and poetics. In their performances, listening became a primary instance of connection with inhabiting. Through diverse mediums, they explore space acoustics and sound sensitivity inquiring issues related to identity, virtuality, technologies and contemporary embodiments. They use diverse objects and digital tools in order to produce analog and digital dialogs. Bachelor in Art, Theory and History of Arts, University of Chile. Pursuing a Master’s degree in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts program at UniversitĂ€t der Kunst Berlin.