10.Jan.2013 || Film || A polygarchutopia || ASTA-Schwulenreferat der Johann Wolfgang Goethe Universität || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Frankfurt am Main

A polygarchutopia is a documentary about the yearly summer meeting "Schlampenau". In 2007 the first “Vacations in Slut Meadow” (then "Schlampenau"), took place in Germany, becoming meanwhile a yearly feminist summer camp for WLTI* who challenge the concept of monogamy as the sole accepted relationship model. “Also unnatural women need rest”, said the invitation, “and to spend time with other sluts, away from the heteronormativity, exchanging experiences, discussing utopias or developing a new relationship culture.” In this DIY, no-budget film, word is given to four participants in Schlampenau and they speak about polyamory, the camp itself, feminism, queer identities and their dreams for the future. The film shows a sense of fight against alienation in a society where being a woman, polyamorous, feminist, queer or transgender is often misunderstood or outright repressed. The camp is revealed as a place of togetherness, freedom, discussion and fun.

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