14.Jun.2023 || Music and sound || Chiseling Clouds || HOƠEK CONTEMPORARY || GubbiAnn Lun Ário Marina Cyrino || Berlin || GubbiAnn and Lun Ário play with Marina Cyrino

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Berlin-based "Chiseling Clouds", formerly called "Improvised Handmade Music", are Lun Ário and GubbiAnn. They play improvised electronic music creating noise and ambient soundscapes using instruments ranging from DIY oscillators, infra-red detectors, contact mikes, circuit bending or salvaged tape recorders, going through live sampling and mangling. Sometimes there are performative elements added. Collective project open to collaborations, chance meetings, failures and propagation. Nalu Blu, Notorische Ruhestörung, muqdisho, Marina Cyrino

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