21.Jul.2012 || Cuntries of the world || Trash de Luxe || Ann Antidote Lun Ário JNY1 KAy Garnellen || Berlin

Cuntries of the world, the fishy answer to "where do you come from" A performance on cultural profiling, and about the rope of identities in general. Based on a performance by: Ann Antidote, Lun Ário and Carlos Vargas, and completely subverted, trashed and glittered by Ann Antidote, Lun Ário, JNY1 and Kay Garnellen A summernight is a great time to enjoy life, and to dream of our life as we want to live it but we bring our skins, our identities wherever we go, even to our picnics... Slut, harlot, faggot, foreigner, migrant, butch, tuga, perve, low-income, bugger, queen.. are we all this? Of course not, but for some, yes, we are that, for sure, even if you say no, not really. Of course not, and for some that doesnt matter. Or: Of course not, and that matters, and a LOT. And how does it matters? Not easy to find a solution for the problematic, but everything gets better with a lil help from my friends!