20.Nov.2015 || Parole parole - unhollow words || QuEAR! || Ann Antidote Lun Ário || Berlin

Audio and giant rope bondage installation, comissioned for QuEAR 2015 Parole, parole - presents a space delimited by a rope bondage sculpture – some people affirm it is vulva(e) shaped - articulated with sound samples (with content pertinent to many different queer thematics) fired by apparently random reasons (...) reflecting (or not) a collective dynamic and decision making. The sonic output, voicing statements ranging from precarity to migration, besides and also sexuality/emotionality, is an attempt at instantaneous music composition, a set of political statements, a warning, a celebration, a critic and maybe an oracle, bringing back “queer” to its place of social criticism, cultural intervention, resistance to normalization: post homosexual, post gender, and beyond the cultural chic - it sometimes becomes - which hollows “queer” of its meaning and power, turning it into “just words” (“Parole, parole”). The name, formulation and many other things in this installation, would not be possible without Preciado's “Parole de Queer” text, and is meant as a homage to it.